How it Works
How it Works

Baidu Hotel Auctions

Step 1: Intro 

Each week, the bidding activity on BaiduHotel creates incredible bargains. With our unique, exciting, and innovative travel auctions, you'll have the opportunity to (1) BID down the price of hotel certificates below face value and (2) BUY that bargain before someone else does!

But first take a look at the items we're currenting auctioning, and if one strikes your fancy, go ahead and register now as a member and buy some bids. And at only $0.50 each, you get more bids for your buck!

Step 2: Bid  

You need to buy bids in advance and they're sold in "bid packs" of 30, 60, 120, 240, 480, 960, and 1920. You can place single bids during the auction, or use an electronic assistant called the "BidBuddy" to place bids for you. To help keep track of the money spent on bidding, each auction displays the amount you spent on bids and how much you would save overall if you won the auction at that moment.

Each auction starts at the item's retail price. Every time a bid is placed, the price of the item goes down by ten cents. If and when the Countdown clock reaches zero, the auction will pause until more bids are placed. When more bids are placed, more time is added and the auction continues.

Step 3: Share

Each auction needs enough users to bid down the price to create the biggest discount. We call this "collective bidding power." So share the auction with your friends through Twitter, Facebook, or email. The more friends you invite to sign up and participate, the greater the bidding power.

Step 4: Purchase 

As users bid with each other to lower the price, the discount gets bigger and bigger. When the price is right, just click BUY to end the auction -- before someone else does -- and purchase the item at a fraction of the retail price. There can only be one winner per auction, and all certificates are redeemable at the full retail price.


Baidu Hotel Rate Search

Here's how to compare best rates and availability on our listed hotels.

1.  Enter your hotel travel dates on the auction description page and click "Get Rates."
2.  View rates from multiple reservation websites and suppliers to compare prices.
3.  Use the best priced reservation supplier for your preferred hotel to make a direct reservation.
4.  Click on the "Select" button. You'll get redirected to the suppliers' website to book directly.

As you can see, checking into BaiduHotel can easily save you hundreds of dollars on your next hotel stay. How can you go wrong?